The seller accepted my offer, what do I do next?

Congratulations, you are one step further down the road to buying a house. Many people think the hard part is over now. After all, you selected a house out of maybe dozens that are available in your price range and in the area of town you like and has the right size kitchen, backyard, etc.

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Serious work lays ahead. For the sake of this article, I’m going to assume your mortgage financing has been secured. (This will be a post for another day). The very next step you will want to take will be to make arrangements for a qualified inspector to go through the home and give you a written report on items both major and minor that need to be addressed with the home. Some items will be more maintenance in nature and others will address items that are not functioning properly or perhaps other defects in the home. Don’t panic, every home will have problems that need to be fixed, even ones that are new or that have been maintained very well.

The trick here is to work with your Realtor to devise a plan for which items you will ask the seller to repair. Don’t get greedy here and ask for absolutely everything to be repaired, prioritization is the key. Make your list, check it twice and have your Realtor submit is to the seller’s Realtor and hold your breath.


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