As a Buyer, what should I do in the days before the closing?

I get asked this question all of the time. Aside from the coordination of moving trucks and help to move your furniture, you would want to do the following things to be prepared for closing.

Utilities- you will want to call the utility companies a few days before the closing to make sure there is a smooth transition from the previous owner of the home. There is nothing worse than moving in to a new home and you won’t have electricity for a few days because it was turned off.

Lender- You will want to know how much money in the form of a cashier’s check to bring to closing. You should ask your Realtor, Lender or coordinator for the title attorney for a copy of the HUD-1 which details how much you are paying, borrowing, etc. and how much to bring to closing.

Realtor- Be in close contact with your Realtor so you are aware of any last minute

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changes. Things are usually happening fast the closer you get to your closing date so make sure you stay in touch. There could be issues with the appraisal, time changes for closing sometimes even date changes.

Title Attorney- There may be some issues that arise here that you will want to know about. Know who the coordinator is and make sure they have your contact information.

Walk through of the property Coordinate this with your Realtor. You will want to make sure the home is still in the same condition as when you saw it when you made the offer. Also you can verify that all repairs that were agreed to were made.

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Don’t forget, your Realtor acts as the orchestra leader coordinating the efforts of all the other people involved in the transaction. That’s why they are an indispensable member of your home buying team.


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