As a homeowner selling my home, how do I evaluate an offer to buy my home?

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If you are using a Realtor to market your home and help guide you through the process you should be in good hands. One of the first things a Realtor will do for you when they receive an offer to purchase your home is to ask for a pre-approval letter from the buyer’s mortgage lender or a proof of funds letter if the buyer says they will pay cash. A buyer that has been pre-approved is generally a stronger, more desirable buyer.

The first thing most sellers think of when receiving an offer is how much is it for. While that is very important, it should not be the only criteria a seller should use in deciding whether or not to accept an offer.

Other than being pre-approved, what kind of loan is the buyer applying for; conventional, FHA, VA etc. Also how much of a down payment and deposit are they going to make?

Another aspect to consider will be how soon are they willing to close, before you accept an offer is usually the best time to make sure everyone is in agreement on the closing date. It can be rather difficult to change after a deal has been agreed to.

Other items will be what concessions the buyer is asking for, whether they are asking for furniture or other household items and whether the buyer will have to sell another piece of property before they buy can be very important to a seller. Inspections, finance approval, appraisals are all be items that can trip up a deal so make sure your Realtor discusses all of these with you.

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